GodSpeed Cricket League Beta – November 2017!

by Admin

GodSpeed Cricket League Beta – November 2017!

by Admin

by Admin

Hi all,

Unbox your Cricketing Gear and get ready for the ultimate game of Cricket with GodSpeed Games!

Sign Up for GCL Beta Using Below Link

You can alternatively email us at – info@godspeedgames.com to show your interest in the Beta.

With the GodSpeed Cricket League Beta, we would like to share with you our progress so far .

The Beta will allow you to access Online Quick Match as well as Playing with Friends.

We are currently working on few online and functional improvements, but rather than waiting until we furnish those changes, instead we’d like to make the current build available for you to try.

Please note that this will be a “Beta” and not a final release.

Tell us what you think about the gameplay, how the challenges play out, the pacing, the difficulty and Ofcourse the fun in the game!

Benefits of joining the Beta Program

  • Get access to the title and its features before anyone else.
  • Contribute to the quality of the product with your Feedback and Suggestions.
  • Enhance your professional and personal knowledge.
  • Be a part of an exclusive community of Testers.
  • Get free in-game goodies on release of title and more testing opportunities.
  • Lastly, have fun playing the game.

Happy Playing!

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